UnLock Phone

UnLock Phone

Roots Android phones and gives access to SuperUser
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Enables the SuperUser account on Android phones giving access to the system partition and its files. Doesn't support all the Android phones.

UnLock Phone is software that enables you to root your Android device, without knowing any of the technical details or processes required to perform such an operation.
There is no trial version available and you are unable to use the product unless you purchase a registration key from the developer. There is an extensive list of supported devices that you may browse, in order for you to check whether or not your device is supported, prior to the purchase of the software.

After you receive the registration key, you are then instructed to download the appropriate driver for your device from the developer's website before continuing. You are then brought to a screen, with a timer, which will ask you to wait, for the software to connect to the developer's server in order to unlock your devices bootloader, which is the first step to gaining root access on your device, prior to the actual process itself.

The message on the GUI will instruct you to close the program and reopen it, if the timer should exceed 10 minutes.

The developer's site guarantees that if their product does not work for your device, you will be provided with a full refund.

You can the screenshots of my devices bootloader, which remained locked, prior to use and after installation of the software, I would like to mention that my device was contained within the developers list of supported devices.

Rooting is a process which grants you full administrative control over your device, known as "Root Access ", this will enable you to perform functions and install software that you would otherwise be unable to install as it is blocked by carriers and hardware manufacturers when you have purchased a device from them, generally speaking, your device will be locked into their service.

In order for you to root your device, you will first need to check whether or not the boot loader on your device is locked or not. You may do this by entering a device specific service code.

If it is locked, you will first have to unlock your bootloader, prior to flashing your device with the appropriate ROM to gain Root.

This program is similar to Flash Tool, in that it is supposed to perform the same functionality.

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